• To use Ping Express, all you need is both the sender and the beneficiary's Bank account information. These include the Account Holder, Bank name, beneficiary's Account number (NUBAN account number preferable), and SWIFT code where applicable.
  • Ping Express - The simple, affordable, convenient and secure way to send money

    Step 1: Select the type of service: Airtime top up or money transfer and the amount. Note: You will have the opportunity to see the fee we charge and Ping Express' better exchange rate)

    Step 2: Enter destination by selecting the country of beneficiary and beneficiary details - For mobile top up, include the beneficiary's mobile phone number - For money transfer include the beneficiary's bank account information and name

    Step 3: Indicate how you want to make the payment (Debit card or ACH) and submit the information

    * The beneficiary should have access to the money within minutes.
    * New users will be required to create an account
  • You will receive an email confirmation and a receipt when the transaction is complete. You will also receive a SMS message informing you of when the transaction is complete.
  • For the security of your account information and to send higher amounts, our regulators and banks require that we maintain an identity information for each user. We request for a proof of identity card only once or after the expiration date of the current identity card. This is a one-time request. Ping Express accepts all form of government issued identity cards including international passports, driver's license and other identity cards issued by government officials.

    We are required to follow federal laws related to "know-your-customer" and anti-money laundering requirements. By collecting these documents, we effectively tackle money laundering and scams making sure people are who they say they are in the fight against crime. Any information about your identity is held confidentially and will help stop your identity being used falsely.

    The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and all reporting agency around the world are all involved.   

  • Our regulators and banks require that we maintain an identity information for each user. We request for a proof of identity card only once or after the expiration date of the identity card on file.
  • Together with you, we aim to keep the Ping Express community safe. This sometimes requires that we verify your identity before you are allowed to access the benefit of Ping Express.

    If you are having problems accessing your account, please contact customer service at info@ping-express.com or simply use the chat window at the bottom right of the Ping-Express website.

    Your account will be immediately verified and full access restored without delay.

  • We are sorry to hear that you have an additional unauthorized transaction on your account. Recently, we noticed that a few banks levy additional charges on your payment to Ping Express as international transaction fee. These charges are displayed like they were charges that came from Ping Express but upon further review, you will notice that these are charges from your bank for international transactions.

    Ping Express is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, but licensed to operate in different countries. Your authorized payment should not be viewed as an international transaction and no additional money besides what you authorized should be charged. Please call your bank to stop the additional charge and refund you the payment.

    Kindly contact us at 1-469-619-3226 or +44-203-876-6301 if you have any questions.
  • To be able to benefit from Ping Express' low fees and better exchange rates, please download our mobile application to complete the identity verification process.
  • To keep our transfer fees very low, we only offer ACH bank transfer and debit card payments at this time.
  • Ping Express can afford to charge very low fees as we offer only a digital approach without paying agents any additional commissions and fees. Ping Express saves you money and makes your dollar work more.
  • Ping Express offers money transfers only in the states where we are licensed (eg. Texas, Maryland, Washington D.C). We keep adding new states very often. Please check back or sign up for Ping Express alert and you will receive a notification when we add new states
  • 1.You will receive an email from Ping Express confirming the receipt of your transaction
    2. You will also receive an email which expires within 24hrs to capture your signature
    3. Once your transaction is complete, you will receive an email within minutes to confirm that your transaction is complete
  • Transaction could be declined due to many reasons. Try again and ensure:
    • The the name on your Ping Express account matches the name on your debit card.
    • You are using a debit card, as we accept debit cards only.
    • You have entered the proper card details, including expiry date, and CVV number.
    After the second trial, please call your bank to ensure that they allow your transaction. Otherwise your Ping Express account may be permanently locked by the Ping Express remittance software.

  • This is not uncommon so no need to worry, particularly if this is your first time sending money on Ping Express. 

    It is a standard security measure by your bank to protect you.

    Some banks may contact you automatically with an automated phone call to ask about the payment. Simply say that you want to allow future payments to Ping Express and then head back to try the payment again. You'll receive an email confirmation when it goes through successfully.

    If you haven't already heard from your bank, here’s what you should do: 

    1. Ring the number on the back of your card

    On the back of your debit card you should see a phone number for your bank’s card enquiries department. Give them a call. Some centralised call centres can't see flagged payments so, if needed, be sure to ask for the card services team. 

    2. Say that you want to be able to make payments to Ping Express

    Let them know that you were making a payment to Ping Express and your payment was declined. Explain that you would like to be able to make future payments to Ping Express. They should be able to mark us as an approved merchant on your account while you're on the call.

    3. Head back to www.ping-express.com and try your payment again

    4. Once a payment is successful you will shortly receive an automated confirmation.

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